Monday, June 1, 2015

Weight Loss: How I Started

I knew I was (and still am) overweight for quite some time. But at some point amount of all these cool clothes which either didn't fit anymore, or were barely fitting (and looked funny) started growing exponentially. I was about US size 10 when we moved to USA 7 years ago. And last January had to get myself a pair of 16 US size jeans to not feel bad about not being able to get my 14th buttoned up. I boxed up all clothes I couldn't use anymore with a thought to donate them eventually.

But I had to see these 99.3kg (218.9lb) on my scale to realize that I am few steps away to be over 100 kg... Which for me is a lot and scary. This was good kind of "scary". It motivated me to do something about it.

I am closing to US size 8 now, 77.3kg (170.4lb), that is 22kg (or 48.5lb) less comparing to when I started back on January 2014. Feel free to follow my progress of weight-ins and exercise log in motivatemyself2014 Instagram account.

In short words what works for me:

  • Incorporating sports and other physical activity into my daily routine, slowly (!)
  • Starting to eat better, one meal at a time, in opposite of extreme dieting.
  • Letting my body to adjust, checking my weight seldom, not more than once per 2 weeks, always at the same day of week and time of the day.
  • Being consistent with all of it.
And, of course, nothing praises these efforts more than random "Hey, did you lose some weight?" and "How much did you lose?" kind of talks at works, at home, at various social events sometimes even from people I barely know.

All of that got me started and keeps me going still. By the way, my clothes are still boxed up, I can't wear them since they are too big now... In fact I am adding more to that collection.

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