Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

For me listening to music while running helps to take mind off things and focus on breathing, rhythm as well as form, it is almost like a meditation - I clear my head from daily hassle and focus on the run itself.

On a beginning I've tried to run with apple headphones, these which come with the iPhone itself, but I quickly learned how inconvenient it is: the wire was always in the way, phones were slipping out the ears, and so on. So I started looking for some wireless options.

Most of sport oriented headphones are rather on high end of the price and somehow all these I tried so far didn't have long life span (all though some of them came with nice warranty and replacement options which I was happy to use). But I did try few models.

And if you are wondering whatever to go with Jaybird X2 Sport as headphones for running and if trial and error is not a suitable strategy for you when it comes to finding a perfect headphones match, see the pro's and con's listed below.

Jaybird X2 Sport as Headset for Running

Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

It is clear from the title that Jaybird X2 Sport is a wireless headset.

It connects to the phone via bluetooth and its battery needs to be charged at some point.

Ear-tips stay deep in the ear (thanks to the Secure-Fit Ear Fins), they reduce noise coming from the outside and increase quality of the sound.

Let's start with positives of Jaybird X2 Sport:

  • Design is pretty nice, headset is not bulky, very light, you can wear it over or under the ear, cord management clips help secure cord nicely fitting around the head without any loops or hanging out parts.
  • Ear pieces stay in place. Of course you will need some time to get the size and the position of "fin" pieces right and get used to them, but once you've got it - they work like a charm.
  • Memory foam ear tips are very convenient to use - that is just it - they adopt to your ear shape and stay there for how long you need them to without making ears tired.
  • It has pretty decent battery life - it depends on how much I run outside, but usually I charge it once a week or even two.
  • Nice sound quality. I am not an expert, but I like the sound Jaybird X2 Sport produces.
  • Pairing process is straight forward, and once done, headset will get paired with the phone every time you turn the headset on by itself.

There are also some things I don't like that much about Jaybird X2 Sport:

  • If you run on busy streets and need to rely on your hearing to not run into a car or bike or so you may need to look elsewhere because Jaybird X2 Sport (especially with memory foam tips) will shield most of the sound coming from the outside, that is you most probably will not hear a car nearing behind you, unless it beeps at you.
  • Memory foam ear tips don't live long and you only get one set in the size you will be able to use with your purchase. Mine fell apart after 4 months of usage and now I have to use the rubber ones and they are not as comfortable as the memory foam ones by far.
  • Nonconventional for an apple user remote controls. There are 3 buttons on the headset and various amount and style of pressing on these should produce different actions, but they are not exactly the same as I am used to and they always confuse me. I have the Jaybird X2 Sport for 4 months now and I still didn't manage to get used to controls and always not sure what button to press, how many times or for how long to hold it to do an action I need, so I try to avoid using these all together.
  • There is no voice indication of the medium level of battery charge. Of course you can check the battery level of the headset on your phone (and I must say it is pretty convenient to do), but I almost never remember to do it after the run (being tired and sweaty I just want to hit the shower). So I had few runs during which the headset turned itself off after battery was depleted. Headset says that the battery is "low" when it gets to a certain point, but it usually happens in the middle of the run, and after that message you only have about 15 mins before the power is completely gone. Not very convenient.
  • Short life span. None of the wireless headsets I tried survived past 6 months of running outside without degrading at some level. Jaybird X2 Sport is not the exception here, it started acting up at about 4mo mark. Despite being advertised as having "Lifetime Sweat-Proof Warranty" they don't seem to be sweat-proof. I started getting this stutter sound when my head is positioned in certain way (which I usually associate with a lost of contact due to some moisture getting where it should not been) for some time now, and I think they will not last much longer.
Despite the things I listed above, I do like Jaybird X2 Sport headset and I am still using them at this moment. I will talk to their support to see what can be done about intermittent lost of contact after just 4 months of usage.

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