Thursday, September 15, 2016

Perfect Yoga Mat Cover Up

YOGAZORB Yoga Microfiber Towel is my current find of the month: not only it helps catching all sweat dripping down during all the yoga, pilates and other mat activities I do in my basement. It also does great job helping me to hold that "Downward-facing Dog" pose and keeps hands and feet from sliding.

I experimented some with yoga gloves and toe-socks, and all I can say about them - they suck don't work for me (my hands and feet slide inside and hurt around fingers and toes). So if the same happens to you and you still need extra help with gripping to the mat or floor while doing horizontal workouts - try YOGAZORB Yoga Microfiber Towel, it rocks!

Instructions: Put the towel over your regular mat, work out hard. Simply stick the towel into washer/drier to refresh after few sweaty workout sessions.

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